A safe, efficient work environment and dependable HazCom system.

A safe, efficient work environment and dependable HazCom system.
Feature Function Benefit
Single Source for MSDS Information Allows employees quick and reliable access to all your MSDS data. A safe, efficient work environment and dependable HazCom system.
Unlimited Searching Capabilities Employees can search using both specific and vague criteria. Users can search on exact data or open ended, known properties to yield desired results.
IntelligenTEXT (Standardized Format) All MSDSs are displayed in an identical, uniform format. MSDS information is intuitively presented in a single, standardized layout. Clear, consistent presentation of data. Instant access to critical chemical information. Significantly reduced HazCom training.
HazCom Labeling Create and print HazCom labels directly form the IntelligenTEXT MSDS. Always consistent chemical data seamlessly written from the MSDS directly to the label.
Print, E-Mail & Fax Enables employees to Print, E-Mail and Fax directly form the MSDS. Communicate downstream to customers or employees with a simple Print, E-Mail or Fax.
Unlimited Customer Service/Tech Support All customers are assigned a designated Account Manager for the life of the service. Full time assistance for technical, training and general support inquiries.
Manufacturer’s Original Only MSDSs from your Manufacturer/Vendor are used in the creation/maintenance of your Vault. 100% Compliance. Manufacturer''s original MSDS is always accessible behind IntelligenTEXT.
Automated Revision Maintenance Your MSDSs inventory is continually reviewed for updates and MSDSs are revised accordingly. Your MSDS Inventory stays up to date. Your employees are not inefficiently dedicated to constantly ensuring that MSDSs are current.
Web Native Architecture All information resides on our servers and is served up via HTML. Requires no IT resources on your end. HTML presentation provides a quicker page load and a faster flow of information to your employees.
Integration With Other Components Enables a high level of flexibility and optimal output from existing systems. Integration with SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and virtually any other ERP system.
Intelligent HazCom Glossary To ensure a complete understanding of the MSDS employees can lookup unknown terms, acronyms and definitions. Facilitates employee training, right to know requirements and an overall safe work place.
Tools and Reporting The ability to extract information from MSDSs and turn it into dynamic reports/data. Instant reports and records, no more mining chemical data to organize regulatory reporting, NFPA data, chemical properties, etc.