Profits With Chris - 30 Day Challenge - 50 Bucks Per Day By End Of March

Profits With Chris - 30 Day Challenge - 50 Bucks Per Day By End Of March

30 Day Challenge - 50 Bucks Per Day By End Of March

Maybe you have seen on other websites a “30 day challenge”. These are quite popular and I did one a long time ago for Bum Marketing.

The objective of this challenge is to make an average of 50 bucks per day by the end of March.

I actually set this objective initially for myself but I would love for you guys to join me too.

Please feel free to leave comments here of how you plan to make this 50 per month and your progress.

Drive traffic like crazy by posting articles on Ezinearticles. Do this during the week (Monday to Friday I have a day job so this is evening work) to the tune of ten articles per day. I am driving traffic to a number of different sites which I will develop mainly at the weekend.

These sites are and will be:

a number of squeeze pages (these are already set up and I have about 400 leads total already but I’ll reset the counter to zero from today - for my own reference the current “zero” level is 475).

review sites for the squeeze page niches. I haven’t made that many sales from my mailing lists so far. This is probably because although I have 400-odd leads, I’ve only started pushing products recently in the mail campaigns so not many people have seen these pitches yet. So that kinda makes sense and 400 leads is not really that many when you think about how many have seen the pitches and the conversion ratios. With a review site in my signature, I figure I can boost my sales with this extremely soft sell. I need to build these but I’m using the review script from here: Ross Dalangin’s Review Script WSO

poker portal website with articles and the all important poker site reviews and bonus codes. With my recent success with a poker campaign I started over three years ago (!) I really am attracted to the lifetime recurring commissions that this niche offers. It’s like running a membership site but with zero obligation after they sign up!

casino portal website. Like poker but slightly different genre.

other niche site based on real world deliverables (not ebooks). Good example is products from Moreniche. Undecided whether to do a broad niche or a specific sub-niche, a portal or a static sales page type site.

The key to all the above is driving the traffic. I feel this is really important and you cannot get higher quality instant targeted and converting traffic better than from posting on Ezinearticles.

So what do you think of my strategy? I would love to hear from you and hope you can join the challenge!

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